Fix & Flip Loans

King Capital Advisors offers a  short term financing option for the purchase and rehab of non-owner properties. Explore the options below to find a Fix & Flip property loan program perfect for your needs.
Our programs provide investors the ability to capitalize on the fantastic real estate opportunities that exist across our entire lending area.  At King Capital Advisors we have a passion for real estate and providing the best financing solutions for real estate investors across the country as they pursue their real estate investing goals.

Short Term Financing for the Purchase and Rehab of Single-Family Properties


Long Term Financing for Single-Family Rental Properties and Portfolios


Purchase or Refinance Multifamily Real Estate Properties (5+ Units)


Financing for Ground-Up Construction, Urban In-Fill, Spec Builds, and Model Homes.

After-Repair Financing Loan Program

King Capital Advisors offers many different fix and flip lines of credit which provide commercial real estate investors with the hard to find financing they need for acquisitions, renovations, and conversions.

As a loan type, fix and flip is used exclusively for residential real estate opportunities that you are looking to rehab and sell within a short period of time, typically 6 to 9 months from the date of purchase.  Investors will purchase a distressed property or fixer upper, with the intention of ‘fixing’ the damage and improving its look.


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Fix and Flip Loan Criteria


Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes: 5+ Unit Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties


12 Months (6-Month Extension Available)

Loan Amount:

$50k – $2M for 1-4 Family, Condos, & Townhomes
$250k – $5M for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use


As Low As 8.25% (Interest Only Charged on Outstanding Balance)


Up to 90% of the Purchase Price + 100% of the Renovation Cost; Not to Exceed 75% of the ARV

Minimum As-Is Property Value:

$50k for Single-Family
$25k per Unit for 2-4 Family
$35k per Unit for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use

Minimum FICO:


Pre-Payment Penalty:


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