2024 Commercial Real Estate Outlook (CRE)

The commercial real estate (CRE) outlook for the United States in 2024 is influenced by a combination of economic factors, industry challenges, and emerging trends. Insights from various sources provide a comprehensive view of the landscape, highlighting key considerations for industry stakeholders and investors.

Economic Forecasts and Revenue Expectations

Deloitte’s 2024 Real Estate Outlook survey indicates that concerns about the state of the economy will likely continue to be a primary factor in global real estate leaders’ decision-making through 2024 and beyond. The survey reveals a decline in revenue expectations, with 60% of respondents anticipating declining revenues for the remainder of 2023, compared to 48% in the previous year.

2024 commercial real estate outlook

First the Bad News: Commercial Real Estate Challenges

Despite notable challenges, there also appears to be pockets of investment opportunity.  The CRE industry has been facing headwinds in certain segments since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, persistent challenges are expected to continue throughout 2024. Tight credit, work-from-home trends, and the rise of energy-hungry data centers are among the factors impacting commercial real estate in 2024.

Another sector, multifamily units experienced rising vacancy rates and slowed rent growth, tracking behind inflation. Experts expect the correction to continue into 2024.

Over $500 billion of loans is set to mature in the next few years, including $327 billion in bank loans in 2024 alone. This is leading many in the CRE industry to anticipate a shortage of available and affordable financing.

Sector-Specific Considerations

The office sector faces challenges, with only about 10% of office buildings suitable for office-to-residential conversion projects. This raises concerns over the possible demise of the office sector.  Simultaneously, the retail sector seems to be experiencing resiliency, mitigating Commercial Real Estate investment risks. As a result, the office market is projected to face more challenges, while other commercial real estate segments thrive.

Now the Good News: Investment Opportunities and Liquidity

Despite the muted outlook, there are opportunities that could be profitable. Investors need to remain vigilant and maintain liquidity to capitalize on potential opportunities as various asset classes moderate. Though office space is currently subdued returns, retail space appears to be successful along with the resilient industrial sector.

Guidance and Insights

Industry experts emphasize the importance of leveraging actionable insights to navigate the complexities of the current commercial real estate landscape. At King Capital Advisors, your success is critical to our success.  We constantly study current market trends to help you find the right investment for you in your situation. 

Though  the US 2024 CRE outlook reflects a landscape of economic uncertainties, industry challenges, and evolving trends, opportunities remain. While certain sectors face ongoing difficulties, there is cause for real estate investors to remain agile for capitalization. Stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed and seek guidance to navigate the dynamic commercial real estate environment in 2024.

This article is written for informational purposes only and it not to be taken as professional financial advice. Consulting a King Capital Advisor directly about your unique circumstances is recommended.

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