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Our affiliate, US STANDARD FINANCE INTERNATIONAL provides banking and Real Estate Investment Advisory services to Government agencies, Family Offices, and Private entities alike. The Dominican Republic offers multiple business and investment opportunities and asset strategies.

As a result of a variety of factors, such as our unique relationships, its geographical location, current legal framework, economic stability, and infrastructure make this a very attractive investment destination.

Our platform  and its structure,  present a very attractive opportunity to investors. Its location in the center of the Caribbean, allows it to access the North, South and Central American markets with relative ease, as well as to serve as a bridge between those markets and Europe.


The country's legal system constitutes another incentive for investment. In the recent years the Dominican has experienced a continuous process of regulatory modernization, which has led to the adoption of a variety of measures aimed at opening and commercially integrating the economy into international markets. Having acknowledged that the Dominican market depends on international economic integration, the Dominican government has opted to create a solid legal foundation that allows for sustained economic stability and  growth as well as assures freedom and security to the economy's different participants when commercializing goods and services.

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Why We succeed in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 

The Dominican Republic as a Latin American economy that has experienced the highest economic growth for more than three consecutive years with a 6.6% growth rate in 2016. In order to take advantage of the various factors that are attributed to investment success in the Dominican Republic, you must have a rare and unique blend of relationships and alliances. This unique framework separates the successful platforms from so many failures by well-intentioned institutions and investors. 

We maintain close relationships with the past and present administrations as well as work with the top legal and financial minds in the country. Additionally, we maintain a professional private security element to address any additional risk issues of operating our platform successfully.

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