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King Capital Advisors provides investors with industry leading financing for Fix & Flip projects. Want to know how it works? Below is an outline of the Fix & Flip process and a document checklist to help guide you though the process.

Short Term Financing for the Purchase and Rehab of Single-Family Properties

Long Term Financing for Single-Family Rental Properties and Portfolios

Purchase or Refinance Multifamily Real Estate Properties (5+ Units)

Financing for Ground-Up Construction, Urban In-Fill, Spec Builds, & Model Homes.

1. Complete Application

Start the loan process by completing our quick an easy online loan application. After you have submitted the loan application one of our program analyst will reach out to contact your shortly. When the analyst contacts you, the will prepare you to complete the second part of the loan application.

2. Submit Your Documents

After your online loan application process is completed and the analyst contacts you, the next step is to gather and prepare your documentation. King Capital will create a client portal for you. This portal will help you keep track of the required documents and provides an easy way to upload documents to our team!

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3. Property Inspection & Appraisal

An appraisal is a formal evaluation of the value of a home by a certified real estate appraiser. It doesn’t serve as a substitute for a home inspection, which helps the buyer better understand the home’s condition and identify either existing or potential future problems that aren’t immediately clear to the typical person.

Home inspections typically are done by specialized home inspection companies or independent inspectors. With a home inspection, the buyer can use anything that needs to be fixed, replaced, or repaired as leverage to negotiate with the seller before the sale is finalized.

4. Closing

The mortgage closing process (also called the mortgage settlement) is the final step in the home loan process.

At closing, you’ll sign the mortgage loan documents, the seller will execute the deed to the property, funds will be collected and disbursed, and the closing agent will record the necessary instruments to give you legal ownership of the property. Settlement of a mortgage loan is a legal process, so specific procedures and requirements will vary according to state and local laws, but a general description of closing practices can help you through the process.

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